From me to you…the younger generation.

I live and breathe for the passion of growing your own and inspiring all ages in particular the younger generation to just give it a go. It’s not just about the end result of that delicious juicy tomato or crunchy vibrant quirky purple carrot, it’s the mind set it creates and installs in you.

There is so many expectations set on the younger generation and my age range especially at this time of year to do exams, achieve great results scribbled on a piece of paper, and conform to a curriculum. Don’t get me wrong I have the upmost respect for all teachers. Believe me I couldn’t do it, I don’t have the patience!
But where does finding out what inspires and drives every individual young mind come into it?

If you are reading this and are studying, whether its your GCSE’s, A-Level’s or a degree, give it your all but don’t ever believe those results on a piece a paper are everything and your life plan relies on getting a particular grade. There is so many greats in the world that didn’t get an A or go to university.

You can’t beat enthusiasm, passion and drive, it’s infectious.

If playing on the latest XBOX or PlayStation game helps relieves the exam stress, I can’t believe I am going to stay this but…do it! If it’s singing and dancing around your room like you just don’t care that helps then definitely do it, I will come join you too. If its nurturing a couple of succulents on your windowsill like my favourite YouTube star Zoella, even better. But believe me when I say nothing will help more than just getting outside; run in the fresh air, kick a ball, skip like you did when you were 6 or do what I recommend I get your hands stuck in the soil and experience the magic of nature.

Plant a tiny seed, watch it grow and you will forever believe you can achieve anything.

Before you disagree…it can be fun and guess what…even a little bit naughty! You don’t get names such as Rubus cockburnianus and Clitoria ternatea anywhere else other than Botany. Mr Plant Geek will back me up! Google them I dare you…then go grab any seeds and drop them in some soil.

Stay focused whilst you are studying but find your passion, that one thing that drives you. It may take months or years like me, but find that one thing that makes you realise…this is my purpose! Stick with it and never let go because with passion, drive and belief come long term success. Not with a grade on a piece of paper and being totally miserable.

If it happens to be GYO or gardening then even better, it will reward you for years and I will be extremely happy.

Me xx

“Believe, Commit, Achieve”


8 thoughts on “From me to you…the younger generation.

  1. MrsCraft says:

    Great post, it’s only now, in my (dare I say it) 30s, that I am doing so many things that make me happy and daring to be me. I wish I’d been braver when I was younger!

    • LifeatNo.27 says:

      Exactly, its about being brave and getting to a point where you realise you just have to be yourself to be happy and not something else to make others happy or to be ‘cool’.

  2. Mark says:

    So true. I’m glad I discovered a passion for gardening when I was young. Now, a few decades later it still brings me pleasure and satisfaction I don’t feel I need to make any excuses for. 😀

  3. stephaniehafferty says:

    Nice post! I remember trying to grow some things on the windowsill when I was a student in Bristol. Great that you are encouraging other young people to grow.

    I have quite a lot of Clitorea Ternatea -flowers, mostly known as Blue Butterfly Pea, in dried form. My 20 year old son uses it to make electric blue and violet cocktails! I grew some from seed last year in the polytunnel but the season wasn’t quite long enough, so they only produced around a dozen flowers. I have more seeds to try it again this year. It is a tropical plant, hence very difficult to grow here (the growing info on the packet is a bit misleading…) I’ve seen it growing when visiting growing projects in Thailand 🙂

    Are you trying it this year? The blooms certainly live up to their name!!

    • LifeatNo.27 says:

      Hey, Completely agree! That is another huge problem which I’m hoping to tackle. I had a conversation just the other day with someone who didn’t believe me when I said potatoes grew in the ground! It’s honestly scary.

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