Hey…It’s germination time!

Hey! It feels like ages since I have done a general update blog, so I decided with Spring here and lots beginning to happen, it was about time for an update.
I said it….Spring is here, wahoo!! Are you as excited as me?!

As I am sure you know, I am currently a week away from submitting my final uni paper, in order to fingers crossed earn my degree…so close now! Whilst this will be a truly momentous achievement for me, it has recently teared me away from No.27 which at times has been difficult, particularly from a mental perspective.

I did however manage to give myself a few hours break at the weekend to get sowing some seeds. The 10 hellebores, 20 strawberry plants, autumn raspberry canes, rhubarb, broad beans and chitting potatoes I currently have are not going to fill the plot, so I need to get moving.

On the note of broad beans you will remember I did a recent blog all about sowing broad beans, easy style! If you missed it, you can read away here. Just wanted to give a quick photo update of them now, nearly ready to be planted out. What beauties! I love the smell of broad bean seedlings, its divine.


The chits on the potatoes are looking pretty damn fine and grand too!


First up on the sowing list…Super Sweet 100 Tomatoes, I will hold my hands up now and admit that these will never make it back home from No.27. I can’t resist eating tomatoes straight away off the vine, they are delicious. The packet was a cheeky free one thanks to Gardeners World mag and Thompson & Morgan, thanks guys and gals!
To get started you just need; 7cm pots, water, seeds, seed compost (I use John Innes currently) and a propagator. Plus vermiculite to sprinkle on top if you are feeling fancy.

IMG_0807.JPGWill these toms win me a prize at the Autumn Show 2017 like last years variety? Only time will tell.

Next was Suttons Autumn Mammoth 2 Leeks, I have never grown leeks before so am very excited about these…I can smell the potato and leek soup cooking on the stove already.
A ‘good reliable variety’ high in vitamins A & C, perfect for eating and exhibiting…let’s hope they live up to the words. Leek seeds you can sow direct in a seedbed but I decided to sow them in pots first and will plant out in the couple of months.


Last on the list for the weekend was…Sweet Peas, the deliciously scented dainty flowers. Thank you to Unwins for my Old Fashioned selection and Champagne Bubbles varieties which they sneaked in a recent parcel. I won a competition with them not long ago to win the most beautiful Emma Bridgewater vase covered in sweet peas. If you know me, you will know I love Emma Bridgewater’s pieces, they just take a lot of saving or hinting usually.
Sweet Peas are best started indoors, which I did in a seed tray with lots of good quality seed compost then placed in a unheated propagator on the windowsill.

IMG_3720 (2)

It’s germination time you little inconspicuous magical beauties..do me proud!

I will keep you updated on their progress, as well as how and when I pot them on and plant them out in later blogs.
Don’t forget to comment below too and tell me what you have been up to in the garden or allotment.

Before I go, I also managed to squeeze in a quick visit to No.27 to check up on how the plot is looking. I was particularly wondering if any frogs had made my pond home and if the Tete a Tete narcissi were in flower. Was the gooseberry bush producing new growth too? Looks like success to me!

IMG_0840 (2).JPG

5 thoughts on “Hey…It’s germination time!

  1. Emma says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! It must be the week, Spent a lovely evening yesterday sowing turnips, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, broad beans and peppers. Happy growing!x

  2. Anneontheshelf says:

    Thanks for this and good luck with the degree. My broad beans have been out all winter and look good.I was interested to read about dealing with the dreaded black fly later on your link. Will follow your advice. Sowed sweet peas about two weeks ago. Put on sunny windowsill but so far germination patchy.🤔

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