TLC Time!

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been, wowzers! I’m definitely not complaining don’t worry, long may it continue!
Just with more structure would be ideal…hence as I type this to you, I have been having a mini break away to put the millions of plans covering all aspects of my life, especially Life at No.27 on to paper. Well, my laptop in truth…

You will hopefully have seen all the online, newspaper and TV debuts that have taken place my life in recently, so I won’t take this opportunity to go on out them any more. Although, come on…it was prime time BBC One!! Seriously?! Oh yes I did!

I want to talk about what really matters, my own little GYO paradise, that’s right…No.27.

Last weekend it saw a total transformation – all the jobs I have really wanted to do for years got done in 2 days. I wasn’t alone though luckily, that would have been impossible. After a few texts, calls and a post on social media, my bestie and family came running with power tools in hand and love galore. I never used to ask for help with anything, but am slowly learning that to ask can only be beneficial and not a weakness.

First job on the list was the shed makeover! Clear out all the rubbish and non-essential materials, then transform it into a comfortable space, a home from home where I can hide away with a cuppa.

I started this ages ago but it came to halt last year – until now. Everything was moved out and transported home, next…pictures were hung and fairy lights installed.
It didn’t actually take long and with my bestie, Tash at my side,we had a right good giggle too.

Two women high on e-numbers with a hammer and nails – we made the perfect comedy duo. Giving ourselves a high-five for our ability to hang a picture straight with nothing but a pencil as a guide.

The big job was next…the main path. Simply, it was ripped up, cleared and re-laid. A new path border, created out of wooden pallets was chopped, built and installed. Climaxing with new woodchip being bagged up, moved and emptied. The result – a brand new path that looks super natural and is eco-friendly.

TIP: Please never buy woodchip, just contact your local tree surgeon who will let you have it for free! I always do an exchange rate involving beer though – it appears to be a winner.

Last but not least…yours and my all time fave job – weeding!! It has to be done though, most importantly so that the plants we want to grow and that are in the right place, do exactly that…grow! Make them compete against others and they will struggle. Weeds somehow always win, stealing the much needed energy and water.

A few odd jobs and little touches later, the plot was complete…for now at least!

I have to admit that when it was finished, I did step back and just look at the end result. Once I had stretched, yawned and wiped soil all over my face and clothes of course. I fell in love with No.27 all over again, it was and is beautiful. Full of personality, life, love and colour.
Don’t think I had fallen out love for one second, priorities had been focused on other elements of life that’s all, including just keeping the plants alive and fed in the heatwave. The lotty just need some TLC to bring it back from its surviving, bedraggled at the edges state, much like we do all.

Mission accomplished and I have a plot that I am now extremely proud to call my own.

As well as some delicious produce including courgettes, chard, tomatoes, peppers, beans, raspberries and blackberries to harvest and enjoy.


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