It’s nearly time to step on the Glee stage!

We all know I live and breathe driving for change – for the power of gardening to be truly recognised both by industry, government and medical professionals as a therapy option.

Which is why…I am beyond delighted to share that I will delivering two seminar talks to the gardening industry, both garden centre chains and brands at Glee.


Glee is taking place on the 10 – 12th September, so next week, at Birmingham NEC. It appears I have a thing for this venue and chatting away.
The 3 day event is described as the UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living trade show, showcasing the freshest and most exciting brands, amazing new products and inspiring garden retail insights.
I will be utilising this fantastic opportunity to explain to industry how gardening can truly help change the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges by sharing my own personal story – which as you know was a huge part of why I set up Life at No.27.
In addition, visitors and exhibitors will be the first to get an in-depth insight into my social enterprise-led vision, which aims to create an allotment-based support network that will help improve the lives of people of all ages across the UK. Accessible through self-referral, GPs, psychiatrists and local councils.
Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health illness each year

You and I already know the benefits ourselves, but there is also strong evidence highlighting the health benefits of gardening – including improved confidence, mobility, communication, concentration and ultimately self-belief.

It is these benefits and many more that exemplify why speaking about it, making a difference but also creating a change as high as humanly possible is key. Taking to the stage to express these views alongside the facts of why garden centres need to remember that their surrounding community is key to survival, will be an honour and an opportunity I ensure you that will not be wasted.
I want to share with you this snippet from the press release I sent out to industry not too long ago – a quote from the Show Director regarding my presence at the event:
Matthew Mein, Glee Event Director said:
“Research has shown gardening can improve mental wellbeing and physical health and the role it can play as the ‘Natural Health Service’.   This will be shown through the exhibitors at Glee and also the innovative Retail Lab area which will focus on importance that gardening and outdoor activities play in our psychological and physiological well-being. Annabelle’s speaker session echoes this perfectly, and will show – first hand – exactly the positive impact gardening can have upon a person, family, or community. We’re so pleased that Annabelle is able to join us at Glee, and are grateful for her sharing her story to help others.”

You can check out everything you need to know about the show on their website, including the full seminar programme.

The most important times that visitors and exhibitors need to remember though, if you are reading this, are just these two:

Tuesday 11th:
11:45 – 12:30 – Garden Retail Trend: Inspirational Wellbeing Story: It’s not what you grow, it’s how YOU grow.

Wednesday 12th:
13:30 – 14:00 – Community and CSR Engagement: The benefits a National Initiative can bring to YOU as retailers and brands.

If you are coming along please say hi, give me a high-five and help spread the word. If all three of those is pushing my luck and you aren’t feeling extra lovely, then just one will do and be greatly appreciated.

All I have left to say is that I will be sure to do myself and you reading this, proud!


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