Winter – Cool, Calm and not so Collected

Winter brought a sense of calm and completeness to the allotment, but Spring is nearly here. I can feel the excitement brewing.

These quieter few months on the plot have given me time to recharge the batteries, focus on the non-profit organisation and allow me to find new hobbies, such as knitting and hitting the trails on my mountain bike. That being said, I have definitely not lost the infectious pure love for No.27 and all the magic it has given me.

It has been wonderful to make shorter trips as and when I can, wrapped up in more layers than my grandparents used to put on my bed. That’s saying something! Whether it’s been for a spot of weeding…you’d think it’s too cold for anything to grow but they still find a way, don’t they?! Or giving up with this task nearly entirely and covering one side of the plot in weed membrane.

Annabelle 1 – 0 Weeds (sort of)

There has always still been a task to do – if not tackling the weeds, then pruning the autumn raspberry canes, cutting back my many mint plants or harvesting my glorious kale and purple sprouting broccoli. All of which was achieved with my little red breasted companions in tow, stalking my every step for the next wiggly worm to pop it’s head up out of the soil at the wrong or they would say, right time.

Random question before I continue….when you see a robin what do you think? Is it simply a robin, or a passed on relative/loved one? Or do you have a different connection and thought? I would honestly be interested to know your views as I know what my heart likes to believe for sure.

Getting back on track….before Spring I have lots more to tackle too including clearing and cleaning my shed conservatory as I like to call it, planning this years produce to keep in line with crop rotation and of course…more weeding. Do you ever clear your space then forget what was where, making crop rotation planning twice as hard? I hear you shout ‘WRITE IT DOWN’ and I do every time, but do you know how much I write down within a year across so many notebooks?!

It’s a constant challenge of my memory skills, even with a multitude of notebooks and my ultimate seed spreadsheet of glory that would make any data geek grin with delight! I definitely don’t fit in to that category but it still pleases me endlessly. That’s just reminded me…it will need to be updated again soon with all my 2019 choices that I’m still to make.

What the spreadsheet, my memory or the tasks above don’t cover though is MY GARDEN! Yes, I don’t know if I have actually shared this with you yet so apologies if I have…but I now have a garden, as well as the allotment. This means even more gardening fun and space for me to unwind!

I decided early on that the allotment would stay home to all the veg, fruit and occasional flowers, then the garden is for pure viewing, enjoying and mind escaping. My gorgeous white buddleia that is need of a prune soon, an inherited stunning yellow rose and an area of containers dedicated to herbs. I feel that herbs can cross into both spaces, especially so they are easy to grab mid way through cooking.

There is also many other shrubs that in all honesty I cannot name, I keep meaning to take photos, ask others and write them down. I have been told the answers by relatives, but as I have hinted to, my memory skills aren’t the best with so much juggling.

What I do know though as I planted them, is come Spring I will have a beautiful array of plum, cream and black tulips on display within my additional terracotta pots. I planted these only a matter of weeks a go, which is late some might say but I’m sure it won’t actually make a difference. With this ever changing weather due to climate change, can we ever really know what is going to grow when and how?! The answer is NO. So if you still have any bulbs to go in and they haven’t gone all squishy…then get them in!

Based on my research and fascination for mycorrhizal fungi or the secondary ‘water tank’ as I like to call it (it’s much easier to remember), which you may have seen in my recent blog post ‘Fungi – A Plants Best Friend?‘ or on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, I decided to try out a natural RHS accredited bulb starter mix during the planting. The mix from Empathy includes plenty of mycorrhizal fungi, vermiculite to ensure good drainage in the root zone and seaweed meal as a source of natural auxins to stimulate root development, so I’m excited to see what magic it adds.

I will keep you updated over the coming months on the progress of the tulips and my thoughts on the Bulb Starter mix, as well as of course all the other action both on the plot and in the garden.

But for now, I will save everything else I have to tell you about including jars of homemade pickled chard and wish you a fantastic week ahead.

I’m starting to get super excited and itchy footed about being outside more and getting my hands in the soil. Are you?

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  1. Ian mccaughan says:

    Hoping to sow some more seeds this weekend.sweetpeas .&kale .also tidy the greenhouse to make room for this years sowings .

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