Give me two seconds to let that blog title sink in. Nope…2, 5, or 100 seconds isn’t enough! I still can’t believe it even after all the writing, editing, sending it off to print and now seeing it available to pre-order pretty much every where online.

But yes, I have written a children’s interactive grow your own book…

YOU CAN grow your own food is my dream childhood book, so writing it has been incredibly exciting! Keeping it quiet since Summer last year has been insanely hard too!

I have written and designed the book for children, specifically aged 7 – 11, but it’s suitable for any ages. It has all my favourite tried and tested activities, as well as lots of interactive pages for them to make it their own. Get colouring in, design their own garden, complete the word search, grow their first veggies, track their height, start cooking, record all their growing adventures and ultimately believe in themselves.

I have put so much care into this book, making sure that children can read it themselves and that all the images are realistic. My 9 year-old niece, Summer got involved checking that she can read and understand everything. Her favourite wonky, ‘monster’ like carrots I grew at the allotment are featured too.

If you are an adult and want a really simple guide on how to grow your own food with some added colouring in and play, then this book is perfect for you too.

YOU CAN grow your own food is out in all fabulous book stores on the 11th June 2020, but you can pre-order a copy NOW from Amazon, Waterstones or WHSmiths for just £7.99!

I wanted to make sure that the book was affordable for everyone so I’m super pleased with the price and I hope that you are too.

I want this book to get covered in soil, pens and pencils – full of memories that children have created and look back on as an adult.

The book is part of a series of books with the amazing team at HarperCollins, teaching and inspiring children that they can do anything!

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