I do actually do gardening…promise.

I suddenly had this feeling come over me this week that some of you may think “so you go to all these wonderful places but where is the actual gardening?!”

I do actually do gardening…I promise! I couldn’t be without my own tranquil place outdoors that I can make mine, aka my allotment.

The weather just isn’t on my side it seems unfortunately. I had the weekend completely free, which is a rarity, especially with all the upcoming events and interviews I have planned. So, I just wanted to get up to the allotment the last two days – not to do anything in particular, just to be there in my own little bubble.
But no, the ‘Beast from the East’ decided to make a return and squash all my plans. It quickly became an indoor hot choccie, emails, blogging and sofa kinda weekend, which was probably much-needed too.

I did manage to make a brief visit to No.27 Friday night though, on the way back from work. Yes, I said it! It was still light when I got home and I went to the lotty, wahoo! Spring is on the way, just temporarily hiding under all this snow and -1 chill.
It was only a short trip; one that gave me the huge disappointment in finding that half of my manure pile had been stolen too. They even went to the effort of putting a ‘Free’ sign up first apparently before it disappeared. Who seriously steals manure?!
On the plus side, forgetting that it cost me money and that I’m very much a ‘principle’ person, I had already covered all of my beds. Trying to keep the positives coming and outweighing the negatives, I can say that it saved my back shovelling what was left too!

The lesson I pass on to you is….visit your allotment regularly! I had taken a break away due to personal events and within those couple of weeks it had all been taken.

But at least that was all. Whilst one thing had gone, many things had made a return, in the form of beautiful plants.
I think I have already told you that the rhubarb has started to produce new growth. The first stems that I will be able to harvest and turn in to delicious compote and crumble are on the way!

IMG_8439 (2).jpg

My stunning alliums which I planted last year are firmly on their way back to beauty. I was surprised to see that they had bounced back looking completely unaffected by the first blast of snow we had a couple of weeks ago.
The other definite new flowering addition is my Tete a Tete daffodils! So dainty and perfectly formed, they create a stunning path border within the pallet edging I created. A must have flower alongside the standard daffodil I say, they just make me think of Easter, smiles and hope.

Whilst these few delights add brightness and excitement, the rest of the plot is still in relaxation mode – currently under a layer of snow, getting ready for sowing and planting as soon as this weather sorts itself out.

Although all outdoor activity is on hold, indoor gardening can still take place luckily!
I did decide to take a slippery snowy walk up to the allotment in my wellies though so I could capture and share these shots with you.



Back indoors and my potatoes have now arrived, firmly in egg trays dotted around the flat chitting away to themselves.
You will have read in my previous blog, Chit Chat Time that I had chosen Purple Majesty and Blue Danube at an impromptu Potato Day trip. Well I now have two new varieties also added to the spud clan, Pink Fir Apple and Rooster, both from Suttons. These additional two will be planted direct at the allotment, whilst the more outlandish varieties will be grown in grow bags.

Moving to the bedroom…ooo…eerrrr! No, it’s just the only sunny windowsill I have and it is currently home for a number of plants including cacti, my Dobies new variety Sugar Plum Raisin F1 grafted tomato plant and most exciting off all, my Taunton Deane Perennial Kale cuttings which are now potted up and doing amazing.
I’m a very proud mum! I kept cuttings alive and even better…thriving, yay me!

I’m also slightly proud to say that I haven’t started sowing yet. Shock horror! Should I be proud or more ashamed?! Maybe don’t answer that, but I think that’s pretty good considering this crazy unpredictable weather.
I will though now begin this week, at least with a few seeds indoors. My first thinking is my Rosella and Tumbling Bella tomato seeds which I will start in a heated propagator to guarantee germination. Don’t worry if you don’t have one though, a sunny windowsill above a radiator will do. The same can be said for my F1 Cardinal peppers too.

So, I will leave you here and go get the seed compost from outdoors so it can warm up first.

I hope the snow has disappeared with you or is at least well on its way, and you can get back outdoors this week. I know that I am definitely itching to get my hands dirty.

Come on Spring, show that smiley face of yours!





8 thoughts on “I do actually do gardening…promise.

  1. Trevor Martin says:

    Annabelle nice read and useful info. Sorry to hear your compost got nicked and that you can get back on the lotty soon. I’ll be having a trip to the local allotment shed for spuds at the weekend and start my seed planting in the newt week or so

  2. Allotment9A says:

    Lovely blog. Sorry to hear your manure got nicked, it must have been some good stuff for someone to steal poop! I get exactly what you mean, every time you have some time on the plot something else stops you and it can be so frustrating! Have fun getting your sowing starting, I have no idea how you managed to be so strong 🙈 have a lovely week x

  3. Linda Penney says:

    Awesome update thank you for sharing Annabelle sorry to hear your manure had been stolen the snow is slowly melting and the sun is out with blue skies blessing to you

  4. Florida Fruit Geek says:

    Wonderful update, ‘the plot is still in relaxation mode’, haha, great way to put it. The pics of your daffodils blooming their little hearts out in the snow are so inspiring. And I hope you don’t mind someone being entertained by your misfortune, but I laughed out loud about the manure story.

  5. Paul Maddock says:

    I feel your pain mate. I’m up the allotment every day just for the visit. The local Council have been very kind and given me another 2 plots so at least one is being cultivated and sown on this spring. I cleared lots of grass off of one, and the next morning was surprised to find that someone had gone over there and set fire to the grass pile, which was mostly wet. I’m new to this area so I suspect that one guy in particular is just trying me out. Good luck on the new blogs and ventures, and try not to get too busy with life that you don’t get ‘you’ time. All the best Paul 🙂

  6. Sue says:

    Lovely pics of the allotment, and the flowers too. Soon be so busy up there that u’ll forget this quiet little time when we’ve had snow so can’t get up there. It’s comforting when u know the prep is done – so once the seeds & seedlings are ready then the plot will be back to full production …. Roll on summer eh …?!?!?!

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