Please give a very warm welcome to the newest members of the Life at No.27 family! I’m beyond delighted to share that under their Empathy brand, PlantWorks UK is the first company to provide direct funding to support the Life at No.27 non-profit organisation!

The team of incredible scientists behind the Empathy logo are the true UK kings and predominantly queens of mycorrhizal fungi. Which of course you know I am totally fascinated by, especially it’s water tank power and overall symbiotic relationship with plants.

I must say, it’s the perfect partnership…in product, people and vision. The name Empathy says it all, don’t you think we all need to have a little more empathy in our lives day to day. Alongside sharing a joint goal to change the world in our own way – agriculture for them and mental health for me.

In official words, PlantWorks UK, produces biological solutions for gardening, horticulture, agriculture and are the only UK company to grow mycorrhizal fungi.

Mark Mackie, a company Director at PlantWorks said: “We became aware of Annabelle due to her impressive social media presence and approached her after listening to her talk at GLEE. Initially we wanted to offer her products for new referrals to the Life at No.27 initiative, however after listening to her wider aims and objectives we felt compelled to be more proactive. As a small company we have to be very strict with our marketing budget and make sure we spend it wisely, supporting the Life at No.27 initiative is now an essential part of our strategy, the potential it has to inspire people who wouldn’t consider gardening as a method of complimentary therapy whilst promoting the benefits of gardening as a pastime is not to be missed.

The initiative has all of the right factors to help to grow the gardening industry further and to be involved from the very beginning is a fantastic opportunity for PlantWorks. We would also ask that our fellow suppliers to the trade consider supporting this venture and generate the funding the initiative needs to really make a difference to such an important social issue.”

I am so incredibly grateful that the Empathy/PlantWorks team have pledged the first funds to support Life at No.27. The company’s generous donation will be used to devise the first therapy programmes, get the initial allotment site set up and to promote the initiative as far and wide as possible. PlantWorks support enables to me to begin to create the therapy option I was never offered, but fortunately found myself and start to really drive the initiative in to government where the change needs to take place.

I must say so though, that whilst the funding will make a huge difference, it’s the team that have already enabled an incredible change. They are the most wonderful people, 100% supportive and show daily that they truly believe in me and my vision. That is priceless and they know that I will never be able to say thank you enough.

You will see us partnering up together at many events throughout the year, so keep an eye out on social media or on the events page as to when and where we will be. There is also guaranteed goody bags too!

But you don’t need to wait until a show to be in for a chance of getting an Empathy treat, as to celebrate the long-awaited announcement I am giving away an incredible bundle of prizes worth over £40.00.


One winner will receive all of the below:

1 x RHS endorsed Rootgrow 360g
1 x Tomato Starter
1 x Basket Starter
1 x After Plant – Grow Your Own 1L
1 x After Plant – All Purpose 1L
1 x Mini Meadow Wild Flower Seed with rootgrow 500ml
1 x RHS High Energy Suet Cakes 3 pck

All you have to do to enter is find this blog post on Twitter or Facebook then:
1. Like the Life at No.27 and Empathy pages on either channel
2. Comment on the blog post link answering the following question:

Is fungi friend or foe to over 90% of plants?

All correct entries will be placed in to the draw, with the winner being announced on Monday 4th March at 9pm.

Plus the first 4 people to enter will win a 360g bag of Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi worth £9.99.

Good luck!

Please note that this competition only is open to UK entrants, unless you can support the additional delivery charges.

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