Journey to the Towpath

Oh hey there…. I feel like it’s been a while, that’s probably cause it has been. You may have seen that it’s been a little bit busy in my life, all for good reason though….now isn’t that a change in itself. It’s amazing the difference that can happen when you have a happy mind and are surrounded by positive, bubbly and similar minded people.

I have just been for dinner with one of my closest friends, my chummy, Natalie aka Tulips and Terracotta, and of course, the main topics among others were plants and writing! Our joint passions alongside knitting and tattoos.
I have missed writing so much and like many of my other hobbies, with all the chaos of juggling too much, it was pushed to one side. But, I need it back in my life now, just for me. A way just like at the beginning to empty my brain, share my feelings and release my excitement.

So as the speed of my life begins to slow, just slightly in the next couple of weeks, my aim is bring you more thoughts. They might not necessarily be informative and definitely not written as knowledge documents that’s for sure, but they will be accurate recordings of my incredibly giddy passion, thoughts and life changes. Moving from the corporate 9 – 5 world and a 2-bed house, many would call…standard living, to running Life at No.27 full time and living the canal dream on our narrow boat. Don’t worry there is still lots of plants, vegetables mainly as always, at the therapy site and in containers alongside my increasing collection of mint, other herbs and beautiful flowers. The perfect towpath container garden….in making.

Here’s a sneak peek, including my two new additions thanks to Natalie…more mint!! The crazy mint lady in me just got a whole other level happy!

For now though, the weekend brings the chaos but utter excitement of moving everything and saying goodbye to my allotment, No.27 and garden forever. So, I need to get back to packing and keep this short, but will be back soon.

I can’t wait and I hope you are looking forward to more regular and passion driven content too.

Ta ta for now,

Annabelle xx

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