Growing for Wellbeing online workshop – interested?!

Happy New Year everyone! We’re back open after a much needed rest and are super excited for the growing season to start.

Whilst we can stay open at our therapy sites, we are limiting our face to face services for January and would like to extend our support to those not nearby or would prefer to stay at home. So we are going to offer some online services. Would you be interested in attending an online Growing for Wellbeing workshop?

As a trained horticultural therapist, Annabelle would love to guide you through how to garden and grow your own food, especially with the aim of improving your physical and mental health. You will learn about how plants relate to us as humans, our symbiotic relationship and how adapting the way you garden can help with daily stresses, anxieties and motivation. Taking away lots of ideas, strategies and techniques to try out and continue to use at home.

In order to find out if you are interested, we have created a survey. We would really appreciate if you could spend just a couple of minutes filling it out and adding any comments below. Thank you!

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