#MyRealView Campaign – So far…

Before 2017 comes to a close, I wanted to share my initial thoughts and immense pride of the #MyRealView Campaign I launched back in November. If you missed the original post you can read it here.

We now live in a world of filters and editing software galore, where we can make anything look practically ‘perfect’ with a few tweaks of an app.
What this does though is put an immense pressure on everyone to look permanently ‘Insta-ready’, especially the younger generation. Not just on us as people either, but also on our gardens and allotments to look perfect from every angle, with no weeds or slugs. An image that we are all nailing life, when in reality the majority of us are flying by the seat of our pants.
So in a nutshell, I wanted everyone across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get involved and share their #MyRealView. Warts, weeds and all…the dead plants, the bolted lettuce and the bright and beautiful parts too. In a bid to help remove the pressure off everyone and share our little havens for what they really are…always beautiful in their own way.

Whilst this campaign doesn’t have an end date as I want you to keep posting and using this hashtag forever, I do want to reflect on its success so far. It’s been incredible, 100’s of contributions and many comments sharing how the campaign has really helped. Inspiring some of you to get back out in the garden and others to feel more ‘normal’ and finally post the first photo in months.

Other bloggers shared their thoughts and finally revealed all angles of their plots too, including Richard from Sharpen your Spades and the lovely Katrina from Homegrown Garden.

Here is just a random snapshot of your photos and messages;



You can view all the contributions by searching #MyRealView on Instagram and Twitter. Give all the people included above a ‘follow’ on Instagram too and follow their journeys.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part around the world so far and for your lovely words. You did choke me up at times that’s for sure!

I wish you all the most wonderful 2018 and can’t thank you enough for all the support you have shown me this last year! Overall, it’s been pretty incredible, especially according to my Life at No.27 turns TWO blog post I wrote back in October.

Let’s make 2018 the year we produce trugs galore of delicious home-grown produce and cut flowers, encourage more people to develop a love for GYO and finally all share our #MyRealView’s.

Annabelle x




8 thoughts on “#MyRealView Campaign – So far…

  1. Grow Lotty Grow says:

    #MyRealView campaign is brilliant idea Annabelle. My plot looks tidy for about one week of the year and other than that close ups on the best bits create the illusion of its being under control. It’s not. I will share more #MyRealViews in 2018.

  2. London Plantology says:

    Hi Annabelle,
    As a newbie in blogging, I am really anxious about sharing MyRealView but I think it is a great idea to not put too much pressure on ourselves and just enjoy gardening!
    I will definitely work towards stress-free gardening in the new year!
    Happy New Year!

  3. LondonToLandGirl says:

    I have to admit I’d been posting for a while without filters but for a much less noble reason, namely that I’m rubbish at technology! Seedsnap was something a friend put me onto but I’ve never really liked the whole insta-perfect thing to be honest – it makes feeds look like they’re just regurgitating stock photos. What a brill idea for a campaign, I’ll definitely be joining in (goodness knows I’ve got enough imperfect material!)

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